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Welcome at the italian page of (Virtual) 51° STORMO of the EUROPEAN AIR FORCE.  Here  on the left side you can find the website map and index. Feel free to surf around. Do not forget to check at the NEWS PAGE whats new here.  In the mean time, in order to make your surfing easier, please find herewith following some short explaination about us



EAF - European Air Force






EAF (European Air Force), founded in 1998, is a group of virtual pilots and friends, who share the passion for planes and Flying Simulation. (http://www.europeanaf.org). We   support the flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 BAT MODE. We are organized in Virtual Squadrons, coming from different European countries, all belonging to the European Air Force. We usually meet in the virtual skyes of the Second Worls War, on the Hyperlobby server. ( http://hyperfighter.jinak.cz )




51° Stormo Virtuale "Italo Sapienza"




51° Stormo EAF was founded on17 Novembre 2000, by four Italian members of the European Air Force, and is formed almost totally by Italian pilots.  We decided to take the name of the real 51° Stormo of the Regia Aeronautica basically for historical reasons. When we started our activity we were using another simulator, namned EAW (European Air War) and we were flying RAF Spitfires.


The EAF51 (51° Stormo Virtuale) is dedicated to Italo Sapienza, one of the members of the EAF51 who passed through on July 16th, 2006, and that we want to remember forever in our hearts. For this reason we also dedicated to him a page of this website, that you can visit by clicking .HERE


Within the Regia Aeronautica co-belligerant (ICAF - Italian Co-belligerant Air Force, 1943-45) 51° Stormo was the only Italian unit flying Spitfires (Vb and Vc version) during the WW2.  First of all we want to be a point of reference for those people who are keen on WW2 fling simulation. For this reasopn, within the European Air Force there are people (we call them Training Officiers) who are ready to devote their free time in order to help other EAF members to improve their flying skills. We also have a forum (The EAF Officiers Club) where we can discuss about all related issues.




EAF51: Organization



The “Black Cats” ofl 51° Stormo EAF are structured in 3 flying groups. All of them fly preferabily on fighters, but each group has a particular attitude of their pilots.



20° Gruppo Caccia Terrestre (The Watchdogs) 





20° Fighter Group was historically part of 51° Stormo, both in the Regia Aeronautica period (1940-43), as well as afeer the armistice (September 8th, 1943) and in the following ICAF period (1944-45). Within the EAF51, 20° Fighter Group is specialized in covering and escorting the EAF bomber groups, bein particularly keen on formation flying and formation Air Combat Manuevers




155° Gruppo Caccia Terrestre (Lone Wolfs):






The 155° Fighter Group was aslo historically belonging to 51° Stormo. Within the European Air Force, 155° Fighter Group is keen on intercept and fighter sweep. 





132° Gruppo Caccia-Bombardieri e Siluranti ( Black Sheep):




132° Group was born as a small unit of torpedo bombers (l278a Squadriglia Autonoma Siluranti dell'Egeo), then 132° Gruppo, lately transformed in the ICAF Baltimore Group. Within EAF 51, 132° Group is using fighters as well as bombers and torpedo bombers. They often fly with their brtothers of 20° Fighter Group, who escort them during their strafing missions.



If you click in the different Group badges you can see the related EAF roster page. our planes profiles, 

and the historical notes for each Group in WW2.









If you want to become an EAF member you must have installed on your personal computer the Flight Simulator supported by the European Air Force (IL2 1946 and the following developments), you should uderstand and speak at least a minumum of the English language (this is the only way to communicate with the other non-italian EAF members of the other EAF Squadrons) and having accepted our rules


If you are thinking to become one of us, we suggst you to surf around our website, and then to come for a drink at the EAF Officier's Club (Our forum), or at the EAF 51 Pub (The Italian forum of the EAF).


After that, if you feel you are really convinced and willing to join us, give you a try: the EAF's squadron flying nights are Monday and Thursday between the hours of 21:00 and 24:00 CET, come along and find us. We can be found in HyperLobby on the above nights and should you wish to join us, you can make contact with any of our T/O's, C/Os or X/O's. Once contact is established you will be invited to fly with us for a coop or two. In case both of us have a good feeling, we would invite you to join us. A T/O (Training Officier) will ask you your e-mail, and an application form will be sent to you by our central OTU staff (Operational Training Unit). Just give the officer you contacted your e-mail address, and we can deal with the rest of the paperwork.

The names of the people you want to contact can be found on the personnel pages at
www.europeanaf.org (Personnel pages, C.O.C.), but you can ask anyone on Hyperlobby flying with a callsign starting with EAF, and they should be able to help you out.

Be patient and wait for receiving an e-mail confirming you have ben accepted in the Operational Training Unit. Together with the e-mail you would also receive all instructions in order to paticipate to the EAF training. Training sessions are held at Hyperlobby every Monday and Wednesday night, hrs. 21-23 CET


Good luck, good hunting! - Have fun!





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