Monumento alla Battaglia di Inghilterra  - Londra (UK)



Battle of Britain Monument - London (UK)


Giugno 2006 - June 2006



Il Monumento della Batttaglia di Inghilterra a Londra Ŕ una grande scultura di 25 metri dedicata a coloro che hanno preso parte alla Battaglia di Inghilterra durante la WW2. E' stato inaugurato in occasione del 65░ Anniversario della battaglia, il 18 Settembre 2005. Si trova poco lontano da Westminster, sulla riva del Tamigi a Victoria Embankment.



The Battle of Britain Monument in London is a sculpture on the Victoria Embankment overlooking the River Thames in central London, England which pays tribute to those who took part in the Battle of Britain during World War II. It was unveiled on 18 September 2005, the 65th anniversary of the Battle, in the presence of many of the surviving airmen known collectively as "The Few".

The monument was conceived by Bill Bond, founder of the Battle of Britain Historical Society. He was solely responsible for negotiating with the City of Westminster to secure the site of the monument, as well as appointing Donald Insall Associates as architects of the project. The monument utilises a panelled granite structure 25 metres long which was originally designed as a smoke outlet for underground trains when they were powered by steam engines. A walkway was cut obliquely through the middle of the structure, and is lined with panels of high relief sculpture in bronze depicting scenes from the Battle of Britain. The centrepiece is an approximately life sized sculpture of airmen scrambling for their aircraft during the battle. The outside of the monument is lined with bronze plaques listing all the airmen who took part in the Battle on the Allied side.



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No.602 Squadron                                                             No. 92 Squadron



No.23 Squadron                                                             No.604 Squadron



No.312 Czech Squadron                                                             No.310 Czech  Squadron





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