Febbraio 2009




Sea, Air and Space Museum, New York City



Upper Deck - 1st Part









MiG 15





MiG 17 "Fresco",  con livrea Nord-Vietnamita (MiG 15 Snake)





MiG 21 PFM - Poish Air Force - NATO Tiger Meet






Dassault Etendard IV M (Marine Francaise)






 Supermarine Scimitar  F1  (Royal Navy)





IAI Kfir - Caccia israeliano, derivato dal Mirage IIIC (IAAF)


IAI Kfir -Israeli fighter, derivation from the French Miracge IIIC (IAAF)






Aermacchi MB-339 (Frecce Tricolori)








British Aerosdpace AV-8A Harrier (US Marine Corps)







Bell AH-1J Sea Cobra (US Marine Corps)






F3D-2 Skynight (The Whale)






McDonnel Phantom F-4









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