Operation "Arrows in our Hearts" - Epilogue

Monday, April 14th


2nd Stormo calling: "Frecce rehearsing their 2008 Show in Ghedi AFB (home of 6th Stormo "Diavoli Rossi" Tornadoes), for a selected Armed Forces' public"




Armed Forces?


It's a job for 51!!!


Commander Chip, F/O MonsTTer, plus a significant Red Army representative (Dr. Eng. Galina Jilina actually COMES from Siberia), start early from rainy Milan, towards Lake Garda, in which surroundings lies one of the Italian Air Force Elite Bases.


A hint of sun perforates the cloud ceiling, just in time for the Frecce's takeoff, for a full 9-plane (the 10th is left on ground) exhibition.


Colonel Rossi, is there, in his former home when flying as a Tornado Navigator, warmly welcoming us as usual.


Two Tornados in flight, and two on the static lineup (70░ Stormo's Anniversary skin worth admiring!) complete our sightseeing.


Former Red Army Officer (back to Omsk University days) Jilina sees for the very first time 3 American (USAF) soldiers in the flesh: "Yes, I was figuring out they weren't Italians"


A nice unexpected Monday morning......



(courtesy of:  EAF51_Chip)



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