Duxford Flying Legends, 7 e 8 Luglio 2007







Duxford Flying legends,  July 7th and 8th, 2007






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Ed ecco alcune foto dei partecipanti



Some of the EAF participants




The Big Boss: EAF 331 Mikke, C.O. of the EAF




EAF 602 Joe90, the famous EAF film-maker and movie director




EAF51 Bear




EAF51 "Capitan Tubino" Wildcat




EAF51 Seyou




EAF51 Wwwolf




EAF51 MonsTTer




EAF51 IlPesca





EAF331 MadDog




EAF602 Richy




Famous Estonian Ace:  EAF310 Arturo




EAF310 Thor




EAF310 Paf




Young Guns: EAF 331 Zhibbi




"Band of Brothers"  on the flight lane






The Wild Bunch: EAF310 Thor, EAF51 Wildcat, EAF51 Wwwolf,

EAF51 Jimmy, EAF51 Max, EAF92 Majik




 EAF310 Thor, EAF51 Wwwolf, EAF51 Jimmy, EAF51 Max




EAF51: Wwwolf, Jimmy, Wildcat, Max




EAF51: Max, Wildcat, Wwwolf, Jimmy




EAF602 JOE90 and EAF51 Seyou




Luftwaffe supporters ???  -  EAF51: Wwwolf and Seyou




EAF310 Arturo with JG52_Hintz, an Estonian friend




Sleeping EAF 51 Wwwolf




Arturo & Mikke




EAF602 Richy




- Bandits 12 O'Cloch High! - 

EAF602 Swoop  and EAF 602 Johnny Red




Flashart, Painter, Joe